KGRS Gets The Job Done!

We Understand Gearboxes…

A gearbox is arguably one of the most important parts of a vehicle.   In this regards, it goes without saying that repair and general servicing is needed frequently. Truth be told, when the gearbox is in top notch condition, your car will most probably deliver great performance.   Moving further, repairing a gearbox is not for everyone.  Quality gearbox repair services are hard to come by.  A vast majority simply do not know how to do it professionally.  You may probably be one of the customers that have been grossly misused by unprofessional dealerships and garages. Your car can have a life again, the state of your faulty gear box, whether manual or auto can be turned to be as good as new.

Game Changer…

At Kenya Gearbox Repair Specialist, we have changed the game as far as gearbox repair services are concerned.  Four things that extinguish as from the rest, we ensure that we have heard from you, we have an arsenal of experienced engineers or as you would prefer specialists, we embrace innovative ways for repairing your gearbox and finally, our pricing model is friendly.  Tough statements there, but we are committed to the latter.

The four aspects  are very important when it comes to quality gearbox repair services. To start with, it is our culture that we cannot begin repairing your gearbox without prior conversation. Why is this important, by engaging the car owner, the work is half way done?

More specifically, a good conversation will often result in successful troubleshooting, therefore, minimizing the amount of time by some considerable percentage. At KGRS we know just how important for the customer to attain that link of understanding with the entity he/she is committing and trusting to get the job done.

Secondly, we have trained engineers and/or specialists that are on standby. Unlike most specialists, ours is sourced from authoritative sources, therefore ensuring that your gearbox is repaired professionally and

most importantly in good hands. At the end of the day, our team of specialists ensures that your car is back on track. It does not stop here, as we have noticed over time, there has been an encroached of unique problems. Simply put, there

are new faults as time goes by. Faults that were somewhat unique to the former times are now prevalent in our days, Could be because of the ever changing car industry.

In this regard, our specialists are constantly searching for innovating ways to address these problems.  As it shows up, we already know and are well informed of what to do. It is not an easy task, in fact not every dealership out there has the capacity, which why we are the no 1 Gearbox repair-related service brand in Kenya. Lastly, our pricing is reasonable at least with regards to the professional market standards. Our prices will in most cases fit into everyone’s pocket whilst the quality is not compromised. Our loyal customers believe in us for a reason. Don’t stop here, speak to us today!