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gearboxAt Kenya Gearbox Repair Specialist, you are the king, our services are founded on the fact that a customer should go back home smiling; nothing more, nothing less, just that. How do we do that, it’s simple ours is a mixture of trained specialists and reasonable pricing.  As a leading gearbox repair brand in Kenya, we have an inexhaustible insight when it comes to the unique environments where gearboxes operate and are often exposed to, with the most challenging cases, therefore raising our innovation level constantly.  It’s clear that we demand a large share of the market.

In a broad concept, our services range from, Clutch Repair, Gearbox Overhaul, Gearbox rebuild, Gearbox reconditioning among many other related services.  We are organized and well presented when it comes to customer service delivery. More specifically, we have a rapid response strategy; to ensure that you do not wait for long ones you query our services.  It’s tough but someone’s got to do it. We do all the hard work so that you go back home smiling.

Gearbox repair is not for everyone. Put in other words, a variety of dealerships out there will not repair your faulty gearbox as ought to. It’s hi-tech workshopsimply a preserve for a few experts. We understand the above which is why we have sourced out talent from authoritative sources. We have a team of specialized individuals that are on standby, just to assist you. Whether it’s a simple gearbox haul or a technical problem with your gearbox, we go an extra mile towards ensuring that your faulty gearbox has been repaired and/or reconditioned.

Technology-wise, we are not left out. At Kenya Gearbox Repair Specialist, we don’t just use any technology, we test it first. Well, that’s probably the reason they tell us we are different. On a global scale, authority brands have discovered that technology alone does not help In the long run. More specifically, proven technology is what counts. And yes, we use proven technology to diagnose gearbox related faults. This has often resulted to minimizing the troubleshooting time and improved the repair time.

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Ms Jacinta Kinuthia

I am very glad I chose KGRS right from the start for, not only gearbox problems but indeed, general car diagnosis, repairs and servicing.