Transmission Problems

Check Your Transmission Fluid Regularly: Check your vehicle's owner manual to ensure you check it correctly. If your fluid is low, you have a leak! Service Your Transmission Regularly: Transmissions should be serviced once a year or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. When it's time to have your transmission serviced, bring your vehicle into KGRS Maintain External Coolers: One of the main causes of transmission failure is from excessive heat. Maintaining your external coolers will help extend the lifespan of your transmission! Problems Checked Right Away: Having a problem checked right away may save you money in the long run. Transmission problems usually start out small and can escalate quickly to a more serious problem. If you are experiencing any problems with your transmission, bring your vehicle into KGRS right away!
Driving Before the Engine is Warm: Unlike countries with winter season, Kenya is an Equatorial country. With most seasons being warm/hot, still, it is important to let the fluid inside your transmission warm up to operating temperature (usually takes about 30 seconds). Rocking Your Vehicle When Stuck: Doing this can make your vehicle's transmission heat up quickly and can damage internal parts. Shifting Into Reverse While Your Vehicle is Still Moving Forward: Make sure you always stop completely before shifting into another gear to avoid grinding the gears in your transmission. Racing: Doing so can severely damage the drivetrain. Using an Ill-equipped Automotive Service Center to Repair Your Transmission: An under qualified technician may not be familiar with the most up-to-date repairs/machinery available or even how to diagnosis your problem correctly. When having transmission diagnosis or repairs done it is always important to seek help from repair centers who specialize in these problems. The expert technicians at KGRS use the latest technology and skills to address all of your transmission needs!
Engine requires a tune-up Electrical problems Broken transmission or engine mount Poor fuel system adjustment Dirty fuel injectors or filter Defective oxygen sensor Computer sensor malfunction Clogged catalytic converter

Gearbox Problems

A bevel gearbox is yet another right angle gear solution but its efficiency is much higher than the worm gear. If you need a right angle solution with a low ratio the bevel gear is the right choice.
A bevel gearbox is yet another right angle gear solution but its efficiency is much higher than the worm gear. If you need a right angle solution with a low ratio the bevel gear is the right choice.
The location of the output shaft of a reducer relative to it's input shaft is called the configuration's hand. It is generally referred to as right handed (J), left handed (G) or left and right handed (H) if the output shaft is double extended.

Clutch Problems

At KGRS we often use ATF recommended by manufacture. We have variety of ATF to suit one's gearbox need... We also recommend the highly-recommended gearbox fluids for manual transmissions. Otherwise, feel free to call / contact us for more info on this please feel free to call our helpline: +254 770 226 271 and our support team will be ready to assist you.
Automatic transmission fluids provide the necessary protection and lubrication, while still allowing the synchronizer to function at its best.
No. Although OEM's routinely try to make the case that because of modern computer controls, automatics are just as efficient as manuals, the truth is that no fluid-driven conventional automatic can achieve the same level of efficiency as one of our manual transmissions. Computer controls act merely to help keep an inefficient system at the peak of its efficiency. Automatics must 'launch' with an open or unlocked torque converter. Meaning that at every start, automatics are at their most inefficient state. At constant speeds one can more accurately compare the two, but when the same ratios are considered, manuals are always more efficient.
Having the proper driveline angles (see also pinion angle) is crucial to achieving a safe and vibration-free ride. Furthermore, improper pinion angles can cause accelerated wear on a new transmission. We are currently working on putting together our own online installation guide to address these issues. However in the meantime, feel free to utilize our website's contact form and we will address your inquiries on a comprehensive note.

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