3rd Party Disclaimer

  • Note that Tow Truck services are provided by a 3rd party and we will not be responsible for liabilities that may be resultant.
  • We will not reveal the customer information provided (e.g. Name, contacts, e-mail, telephone number, car plate number, IC number e.t.c) to 3rd party.

Service Packages Offered:

 (Package A)

Gearbox Overhaul which includes post 6 months warranty

(Package B)

Mechatronic System Overhaul, including Clutch replacement with 6 months warranty.

For further inquiry on the above packages please feel free to Contact Us or Call our Hotline Numbers: +254 770 226 271 | +254 720 695 828 | +254 723 400 831 | +254 714 509 299.

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