Audi Transmission Problems

Audi warningHave you considered what would happen if you land on an incompetent gearbox repair technician for your Audi car? The results, Bad, bad outcome, you don’t have to pass through all that. Repairing your Audi gearbox does not have to be a hectic process. We can help you repair your Audi's  automatic transmission at a friendly price.

We service, diagnose, repair, and rebuild all models of Audi transmissions countrywide, including the complicated Audi CVT.  How much does Audi transmission repair cost?  That depends on exactly how the transmission has failed, and what parts are needed to fix it. We repair most Audi A4 to A6 gearbox problems too. Some include, but not limited to: Torque Converter Clutch, Torque Converter Needle Bearings, Unsafe Fluid Levels Solenoid Damage and  Solenoid Damage.

Quality drives us at Kenya Gear Box repair specialists (KGBR). We do all the hard work, sourcing out the best talent in the market and using innovative technology for best repair service. Drop by and we promise you will not be disappointed or call our helpline: +254 770 226 271

KGRS Will Take Care of Your Gearbox & Transmission Problems…

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